Bethel Baptist Church

    Missions for God’s Glory:Retrospect & Prospects

    As mentioned already, Missions primarily is church’s prerogative. As many believers in the church as possible should get involved in Missions program of the church in one way or another. We may ask, ‘who needs one more program to join in when we are already busy with so many other programs and are fighting to squeeze in time for my family etc.?’ Maybe recognizing the church’s foundational purposes will put us back on the track. Some of us may not even know how to get involved in Missions. To suggest a few ideas:

    First, Here are some areas in which we need involvement: Missions Leadership Team, Prayer Team, Communications Team, Hospitality, and financial support.

    Second, we need to strengthen our existing missionary churches to become strong and independent. Field Trips to these stations or even short-term mission projects may be organized.

    Third, look out for new opportunities to participate in one or organize a new BFGG (Bible Fellowship Growth Group), which meets in someone’s home for Bible study, fellowship, prayer and evangelism.

    Fourth, how about new church-plants? How about getting actively involved in visiting our new-comers. At the rate our city is growing in population and new housing areas develop, the world is coming to us right where we are. The prospects for Missions are great in Bangalore city.

    Fifth, Being sensitive to where the Lord is already doing great things in Missions can help us be more productive. Not too far from Bangalore, in the Rayal Sema region of Andhra, God is opening wide doors for the spread of the gospel, with the least of all the opposition in South India. “Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest,” said the Lord Jesus after leading the Samaritan woman to the knowledge of Him as her Messiah and Lord (John 4:35).

    Fellowship of Churches

    This level is mentioned here from a sincere conviction that we simply do not have in our country even one decent, helpful and thriving fellowship of like minded Baptist churches. And it is terribly needed. Can we agree that our Baptist distinctive of ‘individual soul liberty’ has done us some harm? The ground reality is that it’s not churches and/or fellowship of churches that respond to Missions, or training institutes (e.g., Seminary), but rather individuals. God has gifted our nation with some great pioneering men in Missions, but the saga seems to die with them. May the day be not far, that we have more churches planted, more like-faith churches open their arms and rally around to get the missional effort going big time! Isn’t this too big a dream? You ask. Maybe! But not one that is too impossible or one that is afar off.

     Way too much care is exerted in the excuse of doing things properly (read: do what serves us most) that we have nearly missed what Missions is all about. Let us not get stuck up on the extremes, let us do Missions as a church God’s Great Commission with concern for the needy. And yes, let us do it indeed with care! Let us not “come short in bringing glory to God” (Rom 3:23), and “with respect to the promise of God, let us not waver in unbelief, but grow strong in faith, giving glory to God” (Romans 4:20).