Bethel Baptist Church

    A Brief Story of God’s Saving Grace

    Pastor Nelson has been our lead shepherd for the last 16 years (since June 5, 2005), and up until present, our only pastor.

    Nelson was born on 12th January 1971 to Ignatius and Christine D’cunha as the second of three children. Being raised in a Roman Catholic family.

    Introduced to Jesus: While a boarder at St. Peter’s High school (Panchgani, Maharashtra) [1981-1985] he says, he was introduced to a Bible club called Scripture Union. He learnt the rudiments of the Christian faith during those classes. He remembers those days fondly. However, it was a crisis of relationship during his college years that a classmate shared the gospel with him. It was in those days that there was at a Billy Graham Crusade in Mumbai (then Bombay) that he asked Jesus to be his Lord and Saviour (January 26th, 1991).

    The faith journey that began in Mumbai in 1991 saw him faithless in Bangalore in the next few years. Again, another set of events caused him to recommit to the Lord Jesus. During those days a friend suggested that he try Bethel Baptist Church in Koramangala as the possible church for his spiritual growth. Nelson does not remember the Sunday he came to Bethel. But something happened in the service that day, he says. That moment was sufficient to confirm for him that the Lord had led him to the church and he signed up for life.

    Today, he looks back on his life piecing the events that confirmed for him the beliefs he holds: (a) that God exists; (b) that he had rejected and sinned against this good and holy God; (c) the helplessness of life are due to the separation from his maker reaching out to him; (d) that Jesus died for his sins while he did not care for him; (e) that “whoever accepts Jesus as saviour and God,” would be accepted as God’s child. Nelson, having committed his life to Jesus and understanding that it is only through a local church he would grow in Christ, joined Bethel.

    In 1994, because of the faithful preaching of the Word and the Gospel, and fellowship of its members, Nelson was encouraged to consider his ways, and recommit himself to the Lord and the church. He joined Bethel Baptist as a member through believers Baptism on August 6th, 1995. As he began to grow in the Lord and was involved in the various ministries of the church (music, youth, etc.) he realized that he needed to know the Bible for himself so that he could share the gospel and disciple others. While he was on deputation in the USA from Infosys where he worked, he visited Northwest Baptist Seminary, and explored the possibility of joining the seminary there. He returned to India, and upon resigning from the company, he with his wife Reena returned to the Northwest to pursue his Masters in Divinity from 2000 to 2003.

    When he returned, he began to teach at the Baptist Seminary of South India for a couple of years. During that time, he was very much involved in the life and ministry of the church, including doing a short-term pastoral internship. He had no idea that he would be called to be its pastor in a short while. For Nelson, it has been a natural progression of how God was leading him when the deacon board asked him to consider being their third pastor (June 5th, 2005).

    Pastor Nelson & Reena have two children, Ezra James and Vineetha Maryann.