Bethel Baptist Church

    Testimony by Sunoop Thomas

    Being raised in a Roman Catholic tradition I was conditioned to evaluate my spirituality based on the good deeds that I did.

    It was during my under graduate student days that I was challenged by a group of believing students to answer the question, "where will you go if you die today—to heaven or hell?"

    I thought I had done enough good works to escape hell but I wasn't sure if that would make me eligible for heaven. Further interaction with these believing students helped me to understand the need to commit my life and accept Jesus as my Saviour.

    In 1995 I recognized that God saw me as a sinner and that there was no good work that could redeem me. Having understood that Christ died for my sins, I took the decision to accept him as the only one who can save me from the penalty that awaits me. Only in Christ is found the forgiveness of sin and through Christ God sees me righteous. There was a new found desire to read the word of God and be convicted from it.

    The journey since then has been tumultuous and joyous, at the same time. God helped me to be faithful to him even though I wanted to quit many times due to the pressure from being ostracized, spiritually, from the family.

    God in his grace guided me to Bethel through unexpected means. Through Bethel’s teaching ministry of the Word of God, I had to unlearn many ideas about Christian faith, which I had gathered from different Christian camps such as Charismatic, Pentecostal and Evangelical circles. At Bethel I understood the need to obey the biblical teaching to join a local church. It is through the church, which God builds, that everyone is built up to the full measure of Christ.

    God helped me to stay faithful to his teaching, to be united to a believing spouse as church helped me in finding and uniting us for His glory, in spite of the displeasure from our families. Bethel helped me to move away from a feeling-based faith to a Scripture-based life in Christ. The journey has not been easy but God has been faithful. All praise to Him.