Edwin Rajan

Edwin Raj

It was a Saturday night, 2011 November, Our Children Helin and Bevin were fast asleep . Me and selvi are browsing the net and asking each other the question , what do we do on a Sunday. Ofcourse a Christian answer is "Church"

we asked Google for Churches in and around Koramangala. tons of results .. some were easy to knock off from the list. Among the many one of them was Bethel Baptist Church. I can't remember what made us to finalize on this church, we woke up, we were all set to attend 10:30AM service.Missed to locate the place ,and almost gave up finding the church and on the way back home we spotted this wonderful church building. Journey started then, initial years we were playing spectator sport until Holy Spirit gave us new life and lead us to Jesus Christ.God through the labor of Don and Phyllis helped us grow in the understanding of his Word . Understanding created a compulsion in our hearts that, we took the step of joining the church.March 2014 Me and Selvi joined the church by baptism and confession of faith.

When we stepped in to the church initially, We had all the worldly reasons one can think of to visit a church. But today through the teaching and preaching ministry of this church, through the discipleship avenues such as adult sunday school , Mens/ladies meet, Preacher Preparation Module, Annual camp and so on, We understood the very purpose for which Jesus is building his church. As given in Ephe 3:10 "so that through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places". And I thank my God and Saviour Jesus Christ to give us this privilege to serve in His Mission .

In this mission, God opened up many avenues in here to be engaged in, and every opportunity that came across helped tremendously in our spiritual growth and it taught us one lesson. It is "He who is in Control" It is not because of what we do, that keep us going, but what God produces in us through His Spirit. We learnt that His Spirit has bestowed me with everything that is needed to serve and bring honor to our Lord Jesus Christ in his Body the Bethel Baptist Church .We are learning here how to read the bible , we learning here what is it meant to be "Worship" , We are learning here how to love one another. Church helps us to stay on the track in which God has placed me .it been an wonderful journey so far to grow in the knowledge and understanding of his Word and trusting that we will grow stronger in him and be an true witness of Christ to the community around us.